bigger photo IKEBANA is a traditional JAPANESE flower arrangement form that was born approximately 1100 AD Ikebana is more than a mere classical art to be appreciated by an exclusive group of specialists.


The basic formation of the IKEBANA is the principle of life as well. It means three summits of the triangle symbolize THE HEAVEN, EARTH and MAN in arranging flowers.

Although founded in ancient times, the art of IKEBANA is still relevant in today's society. The unique beauty of this JAPANESE art form is untouched by the past, the present or the future. Human emotion and artistic creation are immortal and unchangeable.


The art of IKEBANA combines the beauty of decorating our environment with the skill of artistic creation. The aim of SAGA GORYU is to be traditional but vital and to introduce visual and spiritual pleasure into your daily life.

MAYUKO MINAMI, IKEBANA instructor teaches the traditional SAGA GORYU method together with contemporary vital design elements that make her classes invigorating while sharpening ones keen sense of design.